The Ultimate Solution for Multiple Ports: MOKiN All In One Station


  • Minimalist & Portable Design: Compact curvature vertical design,bye to clutter,tidy & clean desktop,burden-free for trip;
  • PD100W Fast Charging: PD3.0 100W with intelligent voltage allocation;
  • 3-in-1 Charging: Supports simultaneous fast charging for multiple devices with a maximum power output of 100W;
  • Immersive Visual Feast: Supports up to 4K@60Hz cinematic enjoyment;
  • High-Speed Files Transfer: Equipped with 1 * USB C 10Gbps interfaces & 2 * 5Gbps USB ports(1 * USB C+1 * USB A)
  • Stable & Faster RJ45: 1000Mbps,stay connected, keep in fluent touch;

Notes: 1. After connecting the host to a device that supports video output, the USB-A 3.0 port only supports 5W for charging.
2. When Host and USB-C 3.0 are connected to the charging device at the same time, Host can only provide 65W charging output.

Smart Power Distribution

Single Port Output: 

USB Host:100W;USB-C 3.0:30W;USB-A 3.0:18W

2-Port Output:

USB Host + USB-C 3.0: 65W+30W;USB Host + USB-A 3.0: 100W+5W;USB-C 3.0 + USB-A 3.0: 30W+18W

3-Port Output:

 Host + USB-C 3.0 + USB-A 3.0: 65W+30W+5W

The host port comes with an intelligent power distribution which means when other output ports are working, the host will automatically reduce the power to meet the power output of other interfaces. 

The multiple interfaces support simultaneous charging for multiple devices, providing you higher efficient work and more joyful entertainment.


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